Snow in T-town and Maple Almond Butter!

Hello, Hello!

Happy MLK Day, I hope you’ve remembered him well and maybe volunteered some hours of service. Service projects were our plan for the day (I’m back at school, weee(?!), but unruly weather conditions changed our plans. We saw our first bit of snow yesterday and it left a lovely white blanket all over T-town. Road conditions were frightening (for those who are new to this white dusting) and we are all secretly hoping for the first day of classes to be canceled. Fingers crossed!

Formal greek life recruitment starts this weekend and we’ve all returned early to clean the house, practice conversation, and review house history. I am a leader for the week and, thus, had large amounts of free time. I’ve been biding my time watching The Big Bang Theory, reading The Help, and setting up my new room. I would call the last four days productive. One exciting piece of news on the food front, May I get a drum roll?…I bought Justin’s Maple Almond Butter! All winter break I bought the single packets, but I decided I may as well bite the bullet and buy an entire jar. Really, it’s extremely cheaper to buy a jar than single serve packets. I had probably already spent the equivalent on the single serve packets.
I’m already dreaming of breakfast tomorrow, maple almondy goodness  drizzled over my oatmeal and sprinkled with raisins. Delicious won’t even begin to describe its level of yum. The only thing to make the  morning better?  Canceled classes.

As I prepare for classes tomorrow I will watch the Bachelor with a few friends, finish a Big Bang episode, and read a few more pages of The Help. My day runs 9:30-6:20 tomorrow with only a small break.Wish me luck!

Good luck and enjoy your short week!

Blogger Love,


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