Spring Break

I should be studying…but I miss you all!

Friday is Spring Break and I am more than ready to leave my finance book behind. I could deal with another week or so of my beloved communication classes or business, but numbers and I are frenemies. I spent a majority of this weekend in the library with some pals figuring out the time value of money, I’m not sure how much progress we made, hopefully enough to be prepared come exam time on Tuesday.

Aside, from learning about stocks and loans and writing business plans I have also been writing for the paper. This week the article is all about healthy airplane snacks! It’s a topic near and dear to my heart because I will be leavin’ on a jet plane to Mejico (!) for break. As wonderful as T-town is in March, it leaves my vitamin D so very deficient. The tropical sun will be the perfect remedy! A little sun + a dash of fiction reading + a splash of ocean water + a short miami vice= a perfect mix of relaxation.

Tomorrow I have swim class (if the coach shows, his track record is poor…), business, and a full day of studying for finance and writing about infidelity for my communication class. Now, one more finance problem and then kumbaya!

Happy Monday and blogger love to you!


One thought on “Spring Break

  1. omgness have fun in mejicooooo!! arriba!!!! 😀 And I think it’s amaaaazing you’re into numbers, b/c I’m the TOTAL OPPOSITE! I’m all about languages 😛 And that is such a great article Michelle! I’d be totally passionate about that subject matter as well.

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