July Challenge

Hello Blogger Friends,

Why yes, it has been months since I have surfaced in the blogosphere, but it was a much needed break! This month however I am no longer in school and wanted to take part in the 30 day challenge hosted by peanutbutterjenny. This challenge has a different theme for each day’s post and looks like a fun way to get back into writing and serve as a diversion during the month of July.

Aside from learning some finance this month, okay, ALOT of finance, I’ll continue working my three part time jobs and hanging out with the friends I love both from home and at school. My jobs are wonderful and I am lucky enough to spend two days a week at the local Farmer’s Market promoting and selling goods. This job would be even more fabulous if the sun would show its face on our side of the states, but it seems preoccupied with the rest of the country…all in good time I suppose. I sell some delicious gluten/soy/dairy free Museli created by a local Tacoman, work with a wedding venue, and work at a physical therapist’s office. A couple days of the week are quite busy! I’ve made time to find my zen a few days a week practicing my crouching tiger and downward dog while my friend gets her sweat on with the elliptical at a local gym.

We go in the evenings after class/work/homework and if it weren’t for a buddy I know neither of us would be getting our sweat on, gym buddies FTW! Speaking of sweating up a storm, I’m also loosely taking part in Chef Katelyn’s July challenge: Eat Clean and Sweat Dirty. This is a great reminder to keep it clean every day, move around, and also to enjoy daily treats!  As for day one of eating cleaning my treat today was wine tasting with the padre at Winderlee Vineyard. (Excuse the photo quality, everything is from the wonderfully convenient iphone!)


I love developing my palette! Chardonnays are my current go to wine, but I think I’ll like Pinot Noirs eventually. After tasting a couple whites and three or four reds my absolute favorite was an ’09 Chardonnay. It was crisp, light, and had low acidity, if the weather ever warms up here it would be perfect for a hot afternoon on the porch!

Summer in Oregon…minimal sun per usual

Challenge Day 1: July Goals

Go to yoga 3x a week

Get in a 3 mile walk or run every day if no other cardio is planned

Complete 2-3 hours of finance work each day..minimum

Spend money wisely…i.e. less eating out/coffees/gadgets…

Get to bed by midnight…this will allow HW to be done in the early(ish) morning and leave the rest of the day for friends and making money


Happy Tuesday!


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