Sunshine?! In Oregon?

Happy 5th of July! *cough* 6th
Yesterday was the celebration of my Dad’s birthday (and also the nation’s independence). You’ll notice which occasion is deeed more important in our household. The day was filled with wonderful things including, yoga, sunning, “hiking”, “swimming”, and great friends and food. We presented my dad with cards and gifts in the morning and then my friends and I began our pilgrimage to Starbucks. This was the “hiking” portion of the day, the hike is somewhere between 3 and 4 miles to the soul Starbucks in town. Our original intent was to graba free tall coffee, but when we finally arrived 90 minutes later hot coffee as out of the question. We all went the route of an iced mocha. It was the first sunny day all summer, sorry, but, the Northwest has been deprived of all the heat that everyone else in the states seems to be getting. Anyone care to share? We can do a week to week exchange, similar to a timeshare? Perfect. We’ll stay in contact.

After the “hike” we drove out of town to a friend’s and got our Patriotic celebration on, burgers, sun, and swimming okay, a dip in the pool and then more sunning (we need our Vitamin D)!
Fun fact! Did you know that as of 2005 40% of Americans were vitamin D deficient? And, even using an SPF as low as SPF8 blocks 95% of a person’s ability to create vitamin D. It’s impossible to get the minimum level of D that we need in our diet and in order to reach even the minimum level it would take 10 glasses of fortified milk. Personally, I doubt I drink that much milk in a week…that much in a day is incredible!
I hope you aren’t taking your sun for granted anymore…share the love. Share the D!

View from the pool

The evening was full of family friends and catching up over dinner. A delicious pork tenderloin over a bed of caramelized sweet onions, with snow peas, and a stuffed potato held the spotlight as our main course. Dessert consisted of a light angel food cake, vanilla bean ice cream, and fresh local berries on top. Simple and delicious.

I’ll do a quick combination of the day three and four of the challenge. The topics are *drum roll* What was the last movie you saw in theaters and If you could rid the world of one thing what would it be, and post a picture of someone or something that made your day special.

The last movie I saw in theaters was…Snow White and the Huntsmen! For free…the only way to go to the theatre, I’m in love with coupons. We were two of 6 in the theater, but it was a Monday night at 10:30pm, I suppose that size crowd is expected. Nevertheless, it was a quick paced film and captivated our attention for the length of the film. Please, rent the movie when it hits redbox/netflix/local video store.

If I could ride the world of one thing…I would choose hate.
Hate is something that exists because of uncertainty or a lack of understanding for another individual’s choice or action. I believe having a difference of opinion is necessary and makes life interesting, but people don’t listen to others. Listening can be for understanding and not necessarily agreement. Hate is strong word and I feel applies to very  few situations. The term should not be thrown about as freely as it is currently, the world would be better off we extended our vocabulary and found better adjectives.

Getting our tan on!

The final topic…will have to wait until another day because I didn’t take a single picture today!


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