WIAW: Sno-Cones Vs. Homemade Ice Cream


It’s WIAW somewhere in the blogosphere!(Thanks Jen!) I have not been taking consistent pictures of my lovely eats because I have not planned on any WIAW posts; but, today I am procrastinating my finance studying and adding a post seemed the perfect “productive” procrastination tool. It has been hot outside finally and because I worked this Wednesday (rare), a smoothie was the fastest breakfast to go that I could eat drink at ease.

Breakfast: My smoothie consisted of blueberries, raspberries, vanilla protein powder, the remnants of my greek yogurt container and ice cubes! Throughout the morning I also snacked on a Peanut buddy bar and a handful of Apple Jacks (the best cereal ever with vanilla coconut milk…try it, you’ll have no regrets.)

A different, yet, equally delicious smoothie.

Fitness: I headed straight to the gym and got my #eatcleansweatdirty on with a 3.2mi hill run and then headed home to refuel with a snack plate.

Lunch: Cucumbers, tortilla chips, Sabra Garden Hummus (the greatest mix to date), carrots, and TJ’s teriyaki tofu filled my plate tupperware container lid. [And camera shy almonds/dried cherries/chocolate chips]

Enjoyed on the lawn in the sunshine.

Dinner: Currently, it’s undecided but yams, tilapia and mango salsa, cauliflower are waiting to be used…or an omelet..similar to this. Anything with avocado is heaven!

Creamy guac spread, yumm
No, this isn’t dinner, but how can anyone dislike Washington with a sunset like this?

Dessert: (It’s necessary) Dreyer’s Mud Pie is lurking in my freezer…Working at the farmer’s market and smelling fresh made waffle cones at the homemade ice cream stand all I’ve thought about is ice cream the past couple of days. I make sno-cones and the competition is tough, I know I would buy the ice cream before sno-cones if I was a visitor.

At my “Polar Ice” booth.

Next week I’m off to San Francisco and am incredibly excited to see friends and my brother! I have never been to the Bay Area and this will be the perfect trip. Already on the itinerary is Golden Gate Bride Walk, Alcatraz, the Japanese Gardens, and Fisherman’s Wharf.

I’ll be back later with my answers to a few July Question Challenge!

Do you have any dining suggestions for eating out in SF?


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