The “Weekend”

So this is what having a weekend feels like? Today is my first of two consecutive days off in 21 days and oh. my. goodness. I slept for 11 hours last night. After waking up around my normal time I promptly ate breakfast and slept for two more hours. Those were two very necessary hours, I finally feel rested and might be able to fight off this cold! (The airport is going to help me build an entirely new immune system)!

Breakfast this morning was delicious!

Steel cut oats with canned peaches cooked stove top with vanilla and cinnamon. I added a bit of protein with an egg white and some good fats with a scoop of almond butter. It kept me full for about 5 hours (two of which I slept through…haha).

A breakfast or dinner experiment!

After a beautiful walk in the sun, some iced coffee, and a trip to Target I came home to lay in the sun. By this time it was almost 3:00pm and I couldn’t believe I’d slept through half the day!

For the new hair!
From Target for the new hair!

I snacked on some Nutterbutters, tuna and carrots in a wrap, and Starbucks refresher before heading off to a potluck. I’d played a competitive game of scrabble and was ready for some friendly conversation after such a close match.

A hard fought battle
A hard fought battle

I brought smoked salmon and my friends contributed pasta, homemade chili, and homemade sweet potato fries. All delicious and so filling! We relaxed chatted and bid farewell until our next “weekly” potluck.

A few episodes of How I Met Your Mother later I snacked on a Clif-Z bar over a nearly identical bowl of oats as my breakfast as an after dinner treat. I am now about ready to call it a day with a rested and full belly.

Water Spritzer and tv time from an earlier afternoon.
Water Spritzer and tv time from an earlier afternoon.

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