House Hunting

It truly is a “hunt”

Step 1. Identify prey

Step 2. Locate prey and begin “pouncing” plans

Step 3. Begin to aggressivley stalk (call/e-mail/text landlords)

Step 4. Lure prey in (submit background check information)

Step 5. Narrowly miss prey and repeat steps 1-4 until success. (Someone else got the house)

Step 6. After 500 failed attempts….Successfully capture prey and end hunt.

***We are currently repeating steps 1-5. Wish us luck.Image

BJ’s- Banana Peanut Butter Swirl is only $2.99….too bad houses aren’t that cheap.


In other news…Ran/walked whilst watching The House at the End of the Street on Netflix. I was gasping and covering my eyes and mouth. My fellow gym goers were giving me some odd sideways glances. You would have been gasping too at the rate the writers were killing people; it’s a great suspenseful film and I recommend you watch it once!

A recent great eat…PAD THAI Spaghetti Squash Style.

This was the easiest meal to make and reheat.


Cook squash and scrape out insides.

Saute veggies and protein of choice.

Mix Pad Thai seasoning mix with peanut butter and milk.

Mix veggies,squash, protein and sauce together.

Enjoy it warm or cold!

Happy Tuesday!



Alaska, LAX, Vegas, Opportunity

Alaska, LAX, Vegas, Opportunity

In the last 8 weeks I have graduated, trained for a job, started a job, interviewed and accepted a better job, provided two weeks notice, and gone on a few excursions. I have 5 more days of “summer break” before my new job begins.

Enjoy the photo montage “catch-up”

I’m spending the next few days at home; cleaning out my closet, purchasing work clothes, “trying” to sleep, enduring the never ending housing search, watching A LOT of How I Met Your Mother, enjoying the sun, and bracing myself for a 9-5 job.

Next time I’ll pop in with a recipe and hopeful something exciting to say.