What’s Good is Good.

Good days and bad days.

All the good… in a list-type format.

I decided today would be a good day. 

–I got up and made it to work early. I brought my leftover burrito, originally it was the size of a small child and now is a manageable size to eat (after using it for 2 other meals).

–I squeezed in a 4 mile run after work- I decided to not overdo it and skipped ballet, knowing that I wanted to go to the young professionals group at the church I’m trying out later in the evening.

–Spotting broccoli cheddar soup(!!!!!) at the market and frying an egg on toast with a side of beets was the most satisfying dinner. My housemate is baking pumpkin brownies, there is coffeecake at group, and I just might finish my book tonight. (nope didn’t happen)

–My half marathon is in 7 weeks and I full confidence I will be able to finish. I plan to have walking breaks as to not strain my knee or body too much.I still need to buy one of those nifty fanny packs that will hold water…or as some like to call them “hydration belts”

Workouts this week include: 2 days of weights and 2 more runs.

[3 miler Wed. and my long run of 8ish on the weekend.]

–My current project at work has extended my stay, I’m officially with them until March 1st and then I hope it is re-upped once more. (It may or may not have to do with having my name on my desk).

–It’s only Monday and things are looking bright (a 180 from last week).

Tomorrow –I’m excited for my caramel cappuccino at work, sushi with new friends after work, and a new episode of The New Girl in the evening

Final Note: This week my recovery goals include:observation of how many colors are on my plate and creating lasting (i.e. satisfying combos).


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