It’s Laundry Day

Sum it up Sunday!

Today has been incredibly productive. The 9ish hours of sleep must have something to do with that…and skipping the gym and church service.

It’s Laundry Day!

Early Christmas present to myself, drum roll please–Dirt Devil Versa!
We made a house trip to Target to restock on most supplies, but my main reason to go was for this baby. (Isn’t the lighting in our apartment FAB?! yah..not at all)


Today I have re-arranged my room and Vacuumed and swiffered it.
I have also cleaned the kitchen floor in this order; Vaccum, hands and knees scrub, and then swiffer for good measure.

I had the breakfast of champions…a cookie and a chocolate cupcake –made with SO much love from the housemate. Followed with a great milky coffee.


Lunch included one more of the cupcakes…but I also had green things, fruit, and it’s okay, right?

(Note: we ate 15 cupcakes in 2 days..between three of us. WIN)

Currently, sitting in the good ol laundry mat to get a bulk of blankets washed. It’s past due that they get washed and the laundry mat has huge washers which are efficient. The efficiency makes up for the cost and inconvenience of driving the 6 blocks when we have a moderately working set in our apartment.

I went on a date last night….

With my housemate!
Yah, it was lovely bonding time, but I’d prefer the other form of a date as well. (If you know any mid 20-something bachelors in the PNW, let me know…end pleading)

We dressed up and went to the Cinnebar to enjoy a boozy milkshake and the new Jennifer Lawrence flick.

Reading– Night Circus
Sore from: This Holiday workout! It’s a doozy.
Listening to-Glee Holiday Station
Eating– The end of my refrigerator before I’m home for 5 days
Wishing– I could have a real Winter Break
Planning– on Starting the 3 day lifting program
Enjoying– Modern dance classes!
Looking Forward to- Seeing all of my high school friends when I’m home this week!

1 more sleep until Oregon!


Thursday Thoughts

Current favorite breakfast this week:
Packet of oatmeal
.5cup egg whites
Nut butter
A bit of yogurt
Fruit that is on hand. Craisins/dates/strawberries/banana

Filling, but not too heavy.


This is usually followed up with a cappuccino or coffee with room.
Winter Week
Next week I get 3 days off!!! Praise The Lord. We are in the middle of. Major prep for a Jan 3rd event, but emails won’t be as overwhelming during those days.

*Today I woke up to 23 inbox notifications on my main account and 7 in my secondary box…

I have literally only been home to sleep the past 6 days…little downtime. I like it, but then I still need 40 min to unwind once in bed…that is where I am losing sleep.
Need more hours in the day!

On the brightside…my mornings have looked like this most days during my walk to the bus.


Half Marathon Recap


In a nut shell the mile by mile recap.

Miles 1-2

“Oh man, I should have given two hours for the bagel to digest”not 90 minutes:


7am before the start
7am before the start

Mile 2.5

Ok–feeling good.

Mile 3

Too warm. Off comes the vest and the jacket. Walk and de-robe. Debate the headband, but it stays on. Good decision as we cross the raised freeway.

Sip water.

Mile 4.5

“Did I lose my glove?”

Yes- lost my glove.


Cruising. Think about eating banana. Snap photos.


Mile 6

Eat half banana.

Song highlight of the mile

Mile 7

Change music. Shoot a few texts. Take a selfie.

Why are there hills??
Why are there hills??


Mile 8

Shoooooot. This hill is massive. Commence power walk up the hill. Eat banana half.


Mile 9-10.5

Am I done?

Is it over?

Eat doughnut hole.

Walk for about 10-15min

Miles 11-13

Woo. Refreshed. Feeling hungry. Out of the windy woods and can see the Space Needle. Take a couple walk breaks. The first pace group for the marathon catches up to me.




Drink chocolate milk and eat z-bar.


I probably won't be running this ever again.
I probably won’t be running this ever again.

Then nom on this Post-Race Meal with 7 great friends to commemorate the occasion.

Country Breakfast. Eggs demolished in 40 sec flat.
Country Breakfast. Eggs demolished in 40 sec flat.


Future Plans:
Shake out my legs on the elliptical for 15-20 tomorrow.
Ice my hip and soak my feet 🙂

Not run again for a while…stick to 10ks as my longest races.

Fitness this week:
Yoga and Stretching