Half Marathon Recap


In a nut shell the mile by mile recap.

Miles 1-2

“Oh man, I should have given two hours for the bagel to digest”not 90 minutes:


7am before the start
7am before the start

Mile 2.5

Ok–feeling good.

Mile 3

Too warm. Off comes the vest and the jacket. Walk and de-robe. Debate the headband, but it stays on. Good decision as we cross the raised freeway.

Sip water.

Mile 4.5

“Did I lose my glove?”

Yes- lost my glove.


Cruising. Think about eating banana. Snap photos.


Mile 6

Eat half banana.

Song highlight of the mile

Mile 7

Change music. Shoot a few texts. Take a selfie.

Why are there hills??
Why are there hills??


Mile 8

Shoooooot. This hill is massive. Commence power walk up the hill. Eat banana half.


Mile 9-10.5

Am I done?

Is it over?

Eat doughnut hole.

Walk for about 10-15min

Miles 11-13

Woo. Refreshed. Feeling hungry. Out of the windy woods and can see the Space Needle. Take a couple walk breaks. The first pace group for the marathon catches up to me.




Drink chocolate milk and eat z-bar.


I probably won't be running this ever again.
I probably won’t be running this ever again.

Then nom on this Post-Race Meal with 7 great friends to commemorate the occasion.

Country Breakfast. Eggs demolished in 40 sec flat.
Country Breakfast. Eggs demolished in 40 sec flat.


Future Plans:
Shake out my legs on the elliptical for 15-20 tomorrow.
Ice my hip and soak my feet 🙂

Not run again for a while…stick to 10ks as my longest races.

Fitness this week:
Yoga and Stretching


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