Working and Working Out

I am sore. Phew.

This week I’ve made it to two spin classes…the last time that happened must have been in early Fall. It’s a feel good burn.

I love the feeling of getting stronger.

My spin days are complimented with usually two, but aiming for three days of lifting. I spend all day in a comfortable seated squat- AKA my office chair.

BOY, is it different when you put a weighted bar across your shoulders. I can feel my booty thanking me, as well as my knees. The knee joints are asking for another few weeks of lower impact exercise and I am more than willing to just run 2 maaaaybe 3 times a week. Last week was 3 runs and the week before just a single 3 miler.

I want to spend the next few weeks building up my strength again and creating a regular lifting routine. It may not be a set in stone plan, but at least hitting all the major muscles twice a week. This girl wants to feel and be strong!


Shorts weather?!!

Work has been trucking along, thank goodness! We all agreed that the holidays wereI much too stressful, but the timing of our event couldn’t have been helped. The past two weeks I have grown tremendously in my role.  I’ve had a couple great one on one meetings, better at follow-up, and have used my past mistakes to guide me. This sounds textbook perfect, but it also helps my e-mail is not swamped with everything imaginable. No matter how many things I flag or auto-reminders I create something seems to be left when I receive 50 (plus!) e-mails a day.

These next few days I’m aiming to catch up with friends. Besides planning the “Best Friend-iversary to Europe” I have dropped the ball on a couple friends even with lovely nudges from them via Snapchat. I MISS YOU, I DO! I will call you back and not flake this time, I pinky swear. 20140129-223507.jpg

Casual Friday wear….the only pair of jeans I own that fit. womp womp. The back of that shirt is very lacy…the front does no justice for its overall effect.

Fun Fact of the day. I write most of my personal thoughts on yellow sticky notes…I also store them in my wallet to bring home so these thoughts are not floating around at work. Currently- these lovely thought filled sticky notes are lost and riding around on the Metro Transit of Seattle. Random person who finds these notes, I hope you aren’t having the same problems as me and you have a better method of collecting your thoughts; apparently my personal diary method needs a rework.

Best moment of the week as of now: Deciding BFF and I should each make our own PPT Deck and present our ideal vacay trip. We will share screens and take notes and type questions in the Lync window during said presentations. Ohhhh, work humor.

Does anyone else use lync??
Ping me?




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