January Goals Recap

For January I created a personal calendar, cuz that’s how I roll, to keep myself accountable of the goal I had made and posted.

Let’s focus on the positives for the month and what I accomplished.

  1. Lift 3x a week and on off days get in my walking. Yes, and done without relying on my FitBit.

Hmm…yes…that was the only goal that I met for January. Now, moving on to the goals I’d like to try for a second time or be intentional about this month.

  1. Read 30min everyday.
    –I have at least three opportunities for this everyday; either way of the commute and before bed. I WILL make a dent in Night Circus this month. No excuses.
  2. Work related–Finish a few trainings that are hanging over my head during downtime.
  3. Have 14 “No Spend” days. I’m saving for a trip to Europe and I have such a habit of going to the grocery store 3x a week. 1 trip a week is all I need if I prep better on the weekends. This past week I was exceedingly good at eating through my pantry, and as a result I have very little surplus.
  4. Practice yoga 7 times in February and continue lifting 3x a week
    [even if it’s just from this website and not an in person class. Some yoga is better than none!]
  5. Go to bed (lights off) by 10:15
  6. Brush teeth at 9:00pm…I just keep putting it off..and then snacking. It’s a bad cycle.

Okay, February…BRING IT!

These types of videos are trending right now..Is this not the craziest thing you’ve seen? She used her music video to show awareness of the retouching that goes in the media.


Do you have any February Goals?



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