Just popping in with a few current happenings in my life!


Gone Girl:

Book Club is the 7th! Our first (and hopefully not the only meeting)

My project management textbook. I may or may not have 3 chapters to read and play catch-up with the study group.


Gone Girl Audiobook (I also have this on audio) because I can’t always read on the bus.

T-Swift’s new CD.
I’m specifically listening to “All you to do do was Stay” “Blank Spaces” “You are in Love”


An “Advent Activity Calendar” This is just a wall decoration with a fancy title and intentions to do holiday activities.

A work in progress
A work in progress


Stash’s Christmas Eve tea
Maple Brown Sugar Dunkin’ Coffee (mixed with my Dunkin’ Decaf)


PB chip oatmeal cookies and spiced crinkle cookies. I need to practice one more recipe before my holiday cookie exchange!



Stovetop Popcorn in coconut oil with stevia and sea salt. YUM!



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