New Year and New Goals

I’m a huge advocate for  setting a new year resolution. If you asked me last year what my goals were I would pull out my planner, flip to page four, move three sticky notes, and show you the nine goals I set out to achieve.

Below these goals were step by step process’ to move the goals from a vision to an achievement. Using my Passion Planner as a guide, I created a SMART plan, something teachers often only imagine their students to do in the future. Do I get a gold star in life??

S- specific
M- measurable
A- attainable

Looking at the definition of “SMART”, my goals were within the guidelines, but I had TOO MANY aspirations in one go! PROBLEM!

Read 12 books
Workout 5 times a week
Take 2 classes…etc

Yes, all of these are achievable, but it takes time to form a habit or to replace an old with a new.

In light of the new year and creating new goals/habits I am only looking to tweak to things.

  1. Keep my desk clean.
    1. Thou shall not leave clothing on desk.
    2. Thou shall leave only work or personal “work” (bills/books/notebooks) on desk
    3. Thou shall tidy desk 1-2 times per week (Sundays)
  2. Clean out my car trunk/backseat
    1. Thou shall leave only 1 jacket, 1 water bottle, and one tin of almonds in the car at all times.
    2. Thou shall inspect car once during the last week of every month.
6:29AM at Gasworks Park. One of my other “secret” goals.

Studies show that a clean desk improves productivity, but studies show that a messy desk allows the “creative juices to flow.” Nobel prize winners “cultivate” that messy desks aid to their work. I’m looking for the happy balance.

In addition, to those to lifestyle changes I have a few other items on my list I’d like to pursue, but it has often been said to keep your true goals to yourself.

Watch this TED Talk about keeping personal goals to yourself.


Happy New Year!



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