Week in Review

“Snap your fingers, do your step, you can do it all by yourself”

*Snap* and just like that, it’s Monday!

Lil John may be referring to getting down on the dance floor, but I’m using his song as motivation to get my step on and out the door to work.

This past weekend marks the beginning of the new year (because, let’s be real, Jan 1-3 is still Holidaze recovery). My friends and I got it together early this week to plan our first “long” run Saturday morning and post-run brunching.

At the crack of 10AM we met at the waterfront and cranked out 3 foggy miles. We walked to BraveHorse Tavern to join our non-running friends. We ordered our traditional Saturday brunches omelets, French toasts, Bloody Marys, and an Irish coffee.

IMG_5087 2

Week 1! Run 1!

My afternoon was spent at home reading,  Netflixing,  baking, and a nap. At 8pm I couldn’t ignore my activity tracker any longer to “take some steps” I walked to Menchies and picked up frozen yogurt, probably not what my fitness tracker meant when it buzzed to make me move.

IMG_5083 2

Sunday I met my Tone It Up Seattle girls for a lap around Greenlake. I then bolted back to downtown to enter to win The Book of Mormon tickets with my friend,. 2nd time is the charm! WE WON! Front row $25 tickets.

IMG_5092 2

We laughed until we cried. We can’t pick a favorite part of the show, everything is hilarious. Brother Price singing, “Mostly me,” Brother Arnold consistently making up new names for the village’s daughter, “Turn it off” Pure gold. Go see it! Listen to the soundtrack!

My only advice, is, if you’re easily offended, stay far far away from this show.

Workout Recap:
Monday: I’ve actually forgotten….
Tuesday: TIU Arms
Wednesday: TIU Total Body
Thursday: TIU cardio/ Total Body
Friday: Leg
Saturday 3 mile run + walk to and from the waterfront
Sunday: 2.85 miles + walking downtown

Update on New Year Goals:

Car: No improvement, but has not declined.
Desk: Moderately clean, has not declined.







One thought on “Week in Review

  1. John Schindelar

    It looks darn cold—too cold to be eating frozen yogurt.
    Have a great week.
    Having dinner with your parents on Friday.
    Joihn S,

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