Friday Favorites


Eating: A bowl of popcorn and half of a chocolate donut (while cranking out a deck for work, in the 12th hour)
Drinking: Chai Roobios  to wind down at night, but my day time love affair is homebrewed coffee (in my Owl mug) and a long glug of 1% or soymilk with cocoa powder.

Wearing: Dresses. Everyday. Long sleeves and tights to make the wind bearable.
Crafting: A T-shirt quilt, but this time for me 🙂

Listening: The Book of Mormon Broadway Musical Soundtrack. Hello!

Working Out: End of the workday Tone it Up workouts with my co-worker and long runs with friends on Saturdays.

Anticipating: Visiting one of my very best friends in L.A. this weekend. Hi, Lindsay!

“Sunrise” Run #8:00AM

What are you currently anticipating?





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