Last Weekend


PHEW! What a weekend! It was more of a sprint than a marathon.

Friday kicked off to a good start with a cookie exchange hosted in my apartment. At the party’s peak we had 23 people milling about our tiny kitchen/living room. The kitchen and living room are essentially the same room, and leaves few other places for the guests to congregate. Throughout the night we consumed 9 bottles of wine and sampled 15 varying cookie types.


I set up a “blind wine tasting” and near the end of the night revealed to my friends which bottle was “Top Shelf,” “Mid-shelf, and “Two Buck Chuck”  ($39, $27, $4)

Everyone was able to guess #2 as the Trader Joe’s label, we all decided the wine was less complex than the other two wines. Surprisingly, a majority of the group (including myself) preferred the Gen 5 Zinfandel “midshelf” wine.  Second cheapest wine for the win!

Recently, my boyfriend and his roommate showed me the “Second Cheapest Wine” video. The results from the night (which we found hilarious) validates all future decisions to buy wine that is one step up from the bottom.


We moved the party from my apartment to a few nearby bars, a handful of guys and girls stayed out to close down the bars. It was a late Friday!


I caught an afternoon train to Portland to meet-up with one of my longest and best friend’s and our other good friend! After a cup late night tea we walked downstairs for an OUTSTANDING late late dinner at Life of Pie. We split an amazing goat cheese and caramelized onion woodfire pizza, honey lemon vinaigrette kale/arugula salad, and fresh sausage pasta.

As a past kale hater, my opinion has forever changed because of this salad. Sprinkled with salty parm and crushed breadcrumbs, the lemon/honey dressing cuts the usual bitter kale taste. The flavors leave the diner forking another bite whilst still chewing the first. I would have been perfectly content eating only that salad.

The pizza at the Life of Pie is equally as amazing as the kale salad (can you tell I love that salad?) The crust is thin yet still soft and chewy, it is the perfect vehicle for the cheese and toppings. The goat cheese pizza we enjoyed was delicious, I eagerly ate two forgetting that we still had pasta on the way!

The pasta is the favorite dish of my friend. The noodles and sauce are fresh and light with pork sausage bites hidden in the noodles. I found myself digging through the pasta just for bites of the sausage, for me, the sausage bites were the highlight!

Next time you find yourself in Portland, head North, check out this cute establishment!

The Life of Pie is located in north Portland, near the Legacy Emaunual Hospital and Mississippi Ave.




The next morning (well, afternoon) we headed out for brunch. It took 3 attempts to find a brunch place with less than a 70 min wait, but that’s what happens when it’s sunny Sunday in the PNW. We settled on Radar on Mississippi Ave.

After much debate we decided to get varying items so we could share 1/3 of our food with each other. After a small snafu (in our favor) we received our steaming plates of food. Herbed french toast with maple syrup, poached eggs (x2), bangers, potato cakes, and beef hash with roasted yukon potatoes. We also acquired a bowl of fresh granola and yogurt on accident when the the waitress mistakenly heard “granola” instead of “poached eggs.”  All was quickly corrected and we kept the granola (compliments of the house).

I’ll just tell you our brunch at Radar was delicious! We would go back for brunch again or try dinner! I’ll try and keep this post from reaching novel status, sorry y’all!

With happy and full bellies we wandered around Mississippi Ave. for a couple hours before I boarded my train. One notable: I found and bought a cute mug and box of White Chocolate Mocha tea from Stash Tea Co. and enjoyed a cup with a splash of milk on my evening train back to Seattle.

And, with that, it’s a wrap!

  • Where have you recently eaten a great brunch?





Last Week in Fitness/Life

Last week’s workouts:

10k race that felt easy (!!?) 58:16IMG_3658

30min ab class and a short hour bouldering. If I was less afraid of falling, then my climbing skills would exponentially improve. Alas, I don’t trust my biceps to support me at such heights.

Aquafit with a friend followed up with a sauna sesh. This felt like a yoga class, but in a speedo. I was unexpectedly SORE the next day.

Back/Chest, 4 sets of squats at 70lbs, and a 4.2 mi run. This left me with a nice sore back for a couple days and a nice reminder to not skip leg day so often.

That night we went to see Interstellar with a group of friends at Redmond’s iPic. Go see it (or rent it later) if you haven’t yet, it’s a long movie that moves quickly.

Rest: I baked 2 dozen Spiced Crinkle Cookies thanks to the help of a Devil’s Food Cake box mix.


Back/Bi/Tri and 20min stairmill and 30 min cycle.

I also helped my friend jump her car and nothing exploded!


We made pumpkin pancakes for brunch. My friend and I then started on a festive pinterest project, get at me Christmas!


This video. I’ve shown it to everyone I’ve come across and you should do the same!

Marvelous in My Monday #2

Linking up with Healthy Diva Eats again this week!
Marvelous is… spending a Saturday afternoon at the mall with the housemate and a new friend.

Never leave the mall without a fro-yo fix
Never leave the mall without a fro-yo fix

Marvelous is… making a new friend on a Saturday night. “YOU DO DDR??!” “What time do you take lunch? I’ll bring my quarters…” …..This happened…and this was not a female, surprised? Me too.

Ok, it wasn't this drink, but this old picture is much more visually pleasing.
Ok, it wasn’t this drink, but this old picture is much more visually pleasing.

Marvelous is… baking Pumpkin Banana Bread, using this AWESOME recipe.

Marvelous is… cleaning up my room and the kitchen, [you know you’re an adult when…] whilst watching True Blood.

Marvelous is… streaming the SuperBowl (GOOO HAWKS) because we are both too warm to leave the couch and then eat the fresh banana bread.

I'm in!
I’m in!

Marvelous is… looking forward to attending an author’s reading of new DDR friend’s mother’s book.


Half Marathon Recap


In a nut shell the mile by mile recap.

Miles 1-2

“Oh man, I should have given two hours for the bagel to digest”not 90 minutes:


7am before the start
7am before the start

Mile 2.5

Ok–feeling good.

Mile 3

Too warm. Off comes the vest and the jacket. Walk and de-robe. Debate the headband, but it stays on. Good decision as we cross the raised freeway.

Sip water.

Mile 4.5

“Did I lose my glove?”

Yes- lost my glove.


Cruising. Think about eating banana. Snap photos.


Mile 6

Eat half banana.

Song highlight of the mile

Mile 7

Change music. Shoot a few texts. Take a selfie.

Why are there hills??
Why are there hills??


Mile 8

Shoooooot. This hill is massive. Commence power walk up the hill. Eat banana half.


Mile 9-10.5

Am I done?

Is it over?

Eat doughnut hole.

Walk for about 10-15min

Miles 11-13

Woo. Refreshed. Feeling hungry. Out of the windy woods and can see the Space Needle. Take a couple walk breaks. The first pace group for the marathon catches up to me.




Drink chocolate milk and eat z-bar.


I probably won't be running this ever again.
I probably won’t be running this ever again.

Then nom on this Post-Race Meal with 7 great friends to commemorate the occasion.

Country Breakfast. Eggs demolished in 40 sec flat.
Country Breakfast. Eggs demolished in 40 sec flat.


Future Plans:
Shake out my legs on the elliptical for 15-20 tomorrow.
Ice my hip and soak my feet 🙂

Not run again for a while…stick to 10ks as my longest races.

Fitness this week:
Yoga and Stretching

Cappuccinos and Disney’s Frozen


9 hours of sleep! I haven’t slept that much since… probably early August. Sunday I managed to go back to sleep after naturally waking up at 6:30 and doze for 2.5 more hours.

 Berries and Cereal
Berries and Cereal

Changing it up from eggs and english muffins for breakfast. I watered down a greek yogurt for a more even spread with my Special K protein cereal, craisins, and berries.  Much better than with milk!

I spent the weekend drinking one too many mojitos, getting my hair trimmed, and catching up on the New Girl with a friend.

$4 dollars never tasted better
$4 dollars never tasted better
I thought I could drink 3...nope. A few sips and I was done.
I thought I could drink 3…nope. A few sips and I was done.

Made it to the late Church service and later finished up some work for Monday with a friend. We tried out the new coffeehouse down the street Bauhaus Coffee– A grande cappuccino for working fuel.

Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Pier

The first weekend of November I enjoyed the sunny weather in Sherman Oaks/Santa Monica with one of my besties. We had a great brunch, survived the ferris wheel and had some much needed catch-up and relaxing time. I’m down to the last few flight vouchers and will soon have to pay full price for air fare again. My flying days are numbered.

Ferris Wheel Riding!
Ferris Wheel Riding
Brunch at M Street Kitchen--huge cappuccino!
Brunch at M Street Kitchen–huge cappuccino!

It was amazing to wear light clothing in November and STILL be overheated!

Working side:
Get out two major shipments for conferences and hopefully finally get one back.

Fitness side:
3 lifting sessions1 spin sessions
2-3 cardio/cross training sessions  (maybe one will be ballet class!)

Personal Side:
Yo-pros on Monday night
Trivia Night at some point
Possible seeing Disney on Ice

If you hadn’t heard of Disney’s new movie Frozen, go watch the trailer. Now! It’s incredibly cute and hilarious. My friend and I were lucky enough to attend a pre-screening and we were roaring with laughter. The snowman has great one liners. Think of summer and winter meeting and a musical number about this dream.

WIAW: Sno-Cones Vs. Homemade Ice Cream


It’s WIAW somewhere in the blogosphere!(Thanks Jen!) I have not been taking consistent pictures of my lovely eats because I have not planned on any WIAW posts; but, today I am procrastinating my finance studying and adding a post seemed the perfect “productive” procrastination tool. It has been hot outside finally and because I worked this Wednesday (rare), a smoothie was the fastest breakfast to go that I could eat drink at ease.

Breakfast: My smoothie consisted of blueberries, raspberries, vanilla protein powder, the remnants of my greek yogurt container and ice cubes! Throughout the morning I also snacked on a Peanut buddy bar and a handful of Apple Jacks (the best cereal ever with vanilla coconut milk…try it, you’ll have no regrets.)

A different, yet, equally delicious smoothie.

Fitness: I headed straight to the gym and got my #eatcleansweatdirty on with a 3.2mi hill run and then headed home to refuel with a snack plate.

Lunch: Cucumbers, tortilla chips, Sabra Garden Hummus (the greatest mix to date), carrots, and TJ’s teriyaki tofu filled my plate tupperware container lid. [And camera shy almonds/dried cherries/chocolate chips]

Enjoyed on the lawn in the sunshine.

Dinner: Currently, it’s undecided but yams, tilapia and mango salsa, cauliflower are waiting to be used…or an omelet..similar to this. Anything with avocado is heaven!

Creamy guac spread, yumm
No, this isn’t dinner, but how can anyone dislike Washington with a sunset like this?

Dessert: (It’s necessary) Dreyer’s Mud Pie is lurking in my freezer…Working at the farmer’s market and smelling fresh made waffle cones at the homemade ice cream stand all I’ve thought about is ice cream the past couple of days. I make sno-cones and the competition is tough, I know I would buy the ice cream before sno-cones if I was a visitor.

At my “Polar Ice” booth.

Next week I’m off to San Francisco and am incredibly excited to see friends and my brother! I have never been to the Bay Area and this will be the perfect trip. Already on the itinerary is Golden Gate Bride Walk, Alcatraz, the Japanese Gardens, and Fisherman’s Wharf.

I’ll be back later with my answers to a few July Question Challenge!

Do you have any dining suggestions for eating out in SF?

Challenge Day 2

Peanut Butter and Jenny

If you could give any piece of advice to a newborn child, what would it be?

I would advise this child to always take risks. Taking a risk can be small or large. Are you a student? Raise you hand first and answer a question that you aren’t sure is the correct answer. A first time investor? Buy that stock. It might be the next Google Inc. or Apple. Yes, there will be times that you may lose a lot, but the regret of not knowing what could have been is worse than taking a risk and failing.  Taking a chance and being bold enough to consistently take a chance is a behavior that should be acted on frequently, especially while young, we have less to lose.

IF you know the phrase YOLO, this almost seems an appropriate phrase to use that slang. If you don’t know what YOLO is…let these fratty guys explain to you Drake’s motto “you only live once”

As for the Eat Clean Sweaty Dirty challenge, I’ve been doing great. Today started off with a superb yogurt/oat mess with plump bloobs and a juicy peach, homemade iced mocha on the side to sip while studying. The afternoon consisted of simple snacks in between various appointments and the day ended with a great homemade meal while catching up with a friend. Grilled chicken. sliced potatoes dressed with olive oil, truffle salt and garlic, with salad and broccoli on the side. We ended our evening baking banana/bloob/coconut muffins. A clean day of eats all around!

So, every day…everyday…everyday. Take a risk.

Snow in T-town and Maple Almond Butter!

Hello, Hello!

Happy MLK Day, I hope you’ve remembered him well and maybe volunteered some hours of service. Service projects were our plan for the day (I’m back at school, weee(?!), but unruly weather conditions changed our plans. We saw our first bit of snow yesterday and it left a lovely white blanket all over T-town. Road conditions were frightening (for those who are new to this white dusting) and we are all secretly hoping for the first day of classes to be canceled. Fingers crossed!

Formal greek life recruitment starts this weekend and we’ve all returned early to clean the house, practice conversation, and review house history. I am a leader for the week and, thus, had large amounts of free time. I’ve been biding my time watching The Big Bang Theory, reading The Help, and setting up my new room. I would call the last four days productive. One exciting piece of news on the food front, May I get a drum roll?…I bought Justin’s Maple Almond Butter! All winter break I bought the single packets, but I decided I may as well bite the bullet and buy an entire jar. Really, it’s extremely cheaper to buy a jar than single serve packets. I had probably already spent the equivalent on the single serve packets.
I’m already dreaming of breakfast tomorrow, maple almondy goodness  drizzled over my oatmeal and sprinkled with raisins. Delicious won’t even begin to describe its level of yum. The only thing to make the  morning better?  Canceled classes.

As I prepare for classes tomorrow I will watch the Bachelor with a few friends, finish a Big Bang episode, and read a few more pages of The Help. My day runs 9:30-6:20 tomorrow with only a small break.Wish me luck!

Good luck and enjoy your short week!

Blogger Love,

Egg Noggin’ Tea and Hard Cider

4 hours, 1 wrong exit, 1 squash and I finally pulled in to my driveway on Friday afternoon. I believe it may be ironic that I got lost in Portland area, the most familiar large city I was raised near…

Five minutes after parking I proceeded to dump my belongings on the staircase and plopped on the couch in front of the fireplace. The blazing fire lit the room with warm orange and red hues from its flame and I wanted nothing more than to sit *cough* lay on the couch. Who knew driving could be so draining?! Especially driving alone…much to0 solitary for my taste.

In the 48 hours I’ve been home it took my mom and I less than 24 hours to eat at The Sage, our favorite lunch spot, and wander around the local business for quick and easy holiday shopping. We found local tea mixes that have options for the green tea drinker, black, or even Oh my, Chai! (This was my personal favorite, chai is difficult to get wrong!) We then hit up WinCo, (whaddup!) and I discovered Eggnogg’n tea by Bigelow and Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride from Celestial. Oh. My. Goodness. Sugar Cookie SleighRide made my Christmas wish come true! This herbal tea is delightfully sweet and I find it to be the perfect addition to breakfast or for after dinner. I had 4 mugs yesterday, 4 large mugs. (If you need caffeine in the morning I suggest adding a bag of green tea for a boost.) The Eggnoggn’ is also a great seasonal tea but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it again.

In addition to my vegging I’ve found time to bake and craft, what more can you ask of a Christmas Break? I hope your answer is “nothing!”-if per chance your opinion differs,  that was a rhetorical question.

My friend and I (who recently joined me in the ranks of legal drinking) made a Safeway run and bought Hard Apple Cider to drink while we crafted and listened to Christmas tunes. If you’ve hesitated to buy the Hard Cider, wait no longer and take the plunge! At $7 (give or take) the cider is worth a try. We both love this adult beverage. Sweet, Crisp, and Bubbly, all of my favorite things! While we sipped we worked on 3-d snowflakes–these.

This isn't mine, but you get the idea--imagine Christmas wrapping paper pattern.

Saying we have an abundance of sweets in our house would be an understatement. We have (well, had–we got snacky hungry.) cookies up the wazoo! What’s a girl to do in this predicament?! Bake more!! My shipment of peanut flour recently arrived and I’ve been dying to use it in cookies. Add in the fact my foodie pen pal box arrived from The Lean Green Bean with mint & dark chocolate chips there was no question I would be baking.

I created a double chocolate-mint chip-raisin-peanut-steel cut oats-cookies. (What a mouthful!)

Tune in next time for the recipe and a look at what the lovely foodie box contained!

What have you been doing this holiday season?

Are you a baker or do you just welcome the baked goods?

Ode to Eggs

Whether you be…

Poached, Fried, Scrambled, Zapped, Boiled or Dropped,

I love each preparation equally.

Sunny Side Up!

A Handful of spinach, a pinch of cheese, a dash of garlic salt, and topped with salsa

I’m energized and roaring to go.

Soft Boiled Love

Monday and Friday mornings I’m lightning speed, folding towels and answering phones.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, I attentively take notes satisfied by my morning feast.

Bee Bim Bop Bliss

Eggs, my dear eggs, I adore you and pray that you feel same.




Let’s keep this good thing going.

Banana Oats, We'll meet again, in the evening.





-I do love my rolled oats too, but they just don’t fill me up and energize me the same as my trusty old eggs. And, oats sandwiched between english muffin halves with cheese doesn’t sound nearly as appetizing as my current breaky sandwich. Oats will have a place in my heart, but at the opposite 9:00. 9:00 pm is the perfect time to curl up with warm oats in this weather.






How do you feel about eggs?