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School is as busy as ever, I know that most of you are in the same boat. I am attempting to update at least twice a week, but you’ve seen how that’s been going.

Here is a mix of pictures from Ke$ha, my 21st Birthday, and some eats!

Double caffeine! Green tea, Latte, and my friend's lab goggles. It was a study day!
Pasta, pureed cauliflower, spinach and cayenne pepper!
Studying in S-bucks for one long afternoon. Caramel Macchiato for the win!
Pre-Ke$ha's entrance!
Balloons falling mid-show. Uh-mazing!
More of the group. We were all glittery!
Birthday Quesadilla! Caramelized onions, mushrooms, and mexi cheese blend!
Birthday love!
Very first drink!
Most of the birthday group!
Birthday twins! We share the same b-day! Malibu and Pineapple juice for me!

Have a Happy Hump Day!

And remember, somewhere in the world, it’s already Happy Hour!


Thirsty Thursday [Enchilada]

Last night  one of my roomies and I finally set out to make a real meal that we could stretch over the course of a couple days. Enchiladas! We created half black bean and half chicken enchiladas with a mild enchilada sauce. This dinner was inspired by the recipe in Mama Pea’s cookbook (which I recently acquired!! Yeah!)

My camera has been M.I.A. ever since the move from my apartment to back to school and my pictures will be from my trusty iphone until further notice. Tragic.

Without further ado here was our enchilada recipe:

Easy Enchiladas:

1 30 oz can green enchilada sauce
Half of a can of black beans
10 corn tortillas
2 chicken tenders chopped in pieces
Chili Powder
Green Pepper
1)Preheat oven to 350. In a frying pan cook bell pepper and chicken for approximately 8 minutes. Add onions and continue until everything is thoroughly cooked.
2) Season the chicken with spices to taste.
3) Warm tortillas in microwave (this helps to reduce crumbling as you fold them to put in your pyrex)
4) Pour a portion of enchilada sauce to cover the bottom of your prex for baking.
5) Fill 5 tortillas with the chicken mixture and the other 5 with black beans. We added onions and pepper to our black beans as well.
6) Shred cheese over the top of folded enchiladas (seam side down in pan)
7) Pour remaining sauce over enchiladas and any extra veggies to roast.
8) Bake for 13-18 minutes.

Semi Successful Enchiladas- just as good warmed up the next day.

We had enough for two each that night and then remaining enchiladas for lunch and dinner for the days to come. After tomorrow the extras will be thrown in the freezer for a delicious emergency meal. The key to eating tasty and healthy food while in school is preparing in advance! We’ve found, aside from breakfast, if we want something to taste good it is necessary to prep it prior to feeding time.

C lasses are already in full swing on day 4 and I know the library and I will be reacquainted quickly. Hope your week is going well, it is almost the weekend, and a holiday weekend at that! My afternoon plan consists of a decaf latte and quick 30 minutes on the elliptical plus a couple of intervals on the treadmill. After that workout the library and I will finally be reacquainted.

Almond AND Vanilla latte. Perfect pick-me-up.

Feel-Good Friday..err Spirited Saturday? [Blueberry Crisp]

Good Afternoon! I intended to finish this post up yesterday, but time got away from me, but this allowed for more photo snapping!

I would not identify myself as a coffee drinker, but today I have already had a 16oz coffee with a splash of milk and  three teaspoons of espresso powder in my morning oats. I am exhausted. Before I drive up to Portland tonight I forsee a Dutch Bros. stop in my future. Iced Chai? I had an Iced Decaf Almond Latte.  It wan an excellent decision, perfect amount of caffeine to sustain me while we drove. It has become more apparent over the course of the summer that I enjoy an early (11:30-midnight) bedtime and semi-early mornings.  But, the reason for my exhaustion is entirely by choice and make the cut for my Feel-Good Friday moments this week; the feel-good moments are*Drum roll*:

1. Late night baking session to catch up with a friend. A flour war ensued, we watched a terrifically bad horror movie. Have you watched Lo? The demon looks like cross between Voldemort and The Grinch, that is in itself comical and there are musical numbers. Please watch this movie for a laugh!

Wild Eyed with flour and chocolate wounds upon our cheeks.
Blueberry Crisp

This is the recipe we followed. It took 5 minutes to prep, easiest crisp I’ve ever made. The flavor is tarter than the usual crisp; personally I enjoy the natural flavor from the berries instead of the additional sweetness from excess sugar.

Blueberry Crisp:

•    2 cups unsweetened blueberries (fresh or frozen, thawed and well-drained)
•    1 tablespoon flour
•    1 tablespoon sugar
Toss together flour and sugar.  Mix together with blueberries and place in a 9×9 inch glass baking dish.
•    1/2 cup old fashioned (slow-cooking) oats
•    1 teaspoon cinnamon
•    1 tablespoon flour
•    1 tablespoon brown sugar
•    2 tablespoon butter, melted
1. Mix all topping ingredients together. Sprinkle on top of blueberry filling.
2. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.
Makes 6 servings.

The crisp with a side of chocolate-chip biscotti! Decadent!

The Chocolate Chip Biscotti was also very easy and tasty (for my first attempt) at biscotti! I love the crunch biscotti has and how well it absorbs liquid, ie. afternoon pick-me up coffee. Be on the look out for this recipe!

The next day my friend and I drove to P-town to help our friend pack up her apartment and celebrate the end of summer term!

We ate at a local corner Mexican restaurant, delicious would be an understatement. My chicken enchilada burst with flavor and, if you will,  sent me home a happy camper. My friends indulged in a burrito and a tamale.

El restaurante!
El burrito. Demolished
Tamale y Enchilada con pollo. Muy bien.

You would think that after all this food we would be stuffed, no? Well, maaaybe, but we waited until 9:30 to walk down to the local Fro-yo, Lucky Spoon.

Lucky Spoon offers 12 different flavor selections, one is a dairy free sorbet and dozens of toppings.

My selections for the evening included, cheesecake and snickerdoodle. Luck Spoon has sprinkles!!! It filled a void in my heart that the other fro-yo joint was not able. I also added a couple white chocolate chips, strawberries and a cookies piece. I was going for the strawberry cheesecake effect with that combination.

First topping bar.
2nd bar of toppings.
Enthusiastically making our selections!
The end result. Perfection.

My other “feel-good”/”spirited” time was hanging out with my friends. We only have 6 days left together until two of us head back to school and the other is going to Athens for a study abroad program. We’ve gotta make the most of our time!

What were your feel-good moments this week?

Hurry Curry!! Soul Food Tonight.

I just couldn’t resist using my name for post for the specific reason that I did  eat chicken curry for dinner. My friend and I cooked for her family and this is a dish she refers to as soul food. To be perfectly honest, I thought I understood what she meant the first time she talked about soul food, but it was obvious I didn’t until tonight.

While the spices were simmering together in the pan it produced a heavenly aroma. I had a release of endorphins  similar to a great run (or dark chocolate!)  This food smelled like food fit for the gods. I had to control my salivating, I’m sure her parents would not  have  appreciated my saliva in their food.  My friend first made a similar recipe with on of of her college mates a few weeks ago. Her friend immigrated to the US and her family moved to NY when she was little. This was the first dish she learned how to cook. You know how spaghetti is the American easy go to dish,  the chicken curry is her friend’s go to dish.

We started cooking late, but it didn’t matter because the longest thing that took to cook was the rice and that involves zero labor.   We plated up the salad, pita and hummus,  and finally the rice and curry. I personally never enjoyed curry until this year and now I cannot get enough of the stuff! (Previously ironic, the name, haa).
Of course improvements can always be made to any dish, but for our first chicken curry I would call this a complete tantalizing  success.

*We used this recipe as a guideline!

And the perfect way to end our dinner from around the world, (Indian curry/Mediterranean hummus) is with authentic Churros from the local panaderia. Fantastico!

Tonight we had soul food. It fills the stomach, satisfies the taste buds and is enjoyed with good company.

Do you have a specialty dish that you consider soul food?
Do you do something to feed your soul everyday? That might not be food or fitness?

200 Words or Less- Part 2


California Pizza KitchenThe Garden Walk. Anaheim, CA
Overall: C

We were asked multiple times what we ate Sunday night and we could not even remember where we ate. This was a highly forgettable experience. (Maybe we should have ordered a pizza, since they are called the pizza kitchen)

– They were very accommodating for a wheel chair and sharing all entrees

Service: B

We started with the Mediterranean Hummus Plate, it’s featured as a small craving and I originally intended to order it as my meal.
The hummus was very thin and the flavor was flat. The Greek cucumber salad was tasty, but hardly enough to be shared by more than three.

The Portobello Mushroom Raviloli is worth ordering again. The tomato basil sauce was very light and fresh tasting, and the acidity of the tomatoes was minimal. The creamy cheese and portobello are the only memorable part of the meal.

The Roasted Veggie Salad is great value. The half size easily fed two of us with some left over. The vegetables included: avocado, corn, asparagus, bell pepper, Japanese eggplant,The sun dried tomato and Japanese eggplant were the highlight of this dish. The addition of these two vegetables saved the dish from falling flat. The proportion of lettuce to the roasted vegetable could be altered with addition of more vegetables, but that might just be me.  I wouldn’t necessarily order this again.

Food: C+

Cleanliness: A

The noise bounced off the walls and the tables were placed  uncomfortably close to one another.

Ambiance: C

Fred’s Mexican Cafe and Cantina – Huntington Beach, CA
Overall: D

Let’s start off positive.

The atmosphere is awesome! It feels as though we are in Mexico, the employee shirts (Don’t Drink the Water, Drink the Margaritas!) and the decor is great. It is a great draw for young adults at night and fun family restaurant during the day.

Ambiance: A

Per request, we were seated by a window and had a great view of Huntington Beach and well protected by the windows from the wind. Slow service is an understatement. When they did stop by the table at least they were friendly…

Service: D+

Quick and to the point: My iced tea arrived without ice, it may have been cold? We both ordered Chicken Tortilla Soup and the presentation was beautiful, they fanned the avocado. The soup was not hot, it was luke-warm at best. If it had been served warm, the flavor was above average and I would have rated it a B.

Food: F

Cleanliness– A

Maybe they were understaffed? Maybe it was the fact it was a Monday? Expectations were not met, but at least it was memorable.

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What do you normally order at California Pizza Kitchen?
Leave a comment let me know!