Marvelous in My Monday #2

Linking up with Healthy Diva Eats again this week!
Marvelous is… spending a Saturday afternoon at the mall with the housemate and a new friend.

Never leave the mall without a fro-yo fix
Never leave the mall without a fro-yo fix

Marvelous is… making a new friend on a Saturday night. “YOU DO DDR??!” “What time do you take lunch? I’ll bring my quarters…” …..This happened…and this was not a female, surprised? Me too.

Ok, it wasn't this drink, but this old picture is much more visually pleasing.
Ok, it wasn’t this drink, but this old picture is much more visually pleasing.

Marvelous is… baking Pumpkin Banana Bread, using this AWESOME recipe.

Marvelous is… cleaning up my room and the kitchen, [you know you’re an adult when…] whilst watching True Blood.

Marvelous is… streaming the SuperBowl (GOOO HAWKS) because we are both too warm to leave the couch and then eat the fresh banana bread.

I'm in!
I’m in!

Marvelous is… looking forward to attending an author’s reading of new DDR friend’s mother’s book.



January Goals Recap

For January I created a personal calendar, cuz that’s how I roll, to keep myself accountable of the goal I had made and posted.

Let’s focus on the positives for the month and what I accomplished.

  1. Lift 3x a week and on off days get in my walking. Yes, and done without relying on my FitBit.

Hmm…yes…that was the only goal that I met for January. Now, moving on to the goals I’d like to try for a second time or be intentional about this month.

  1. Read 30min everyday.
    –I have at least three opportunities for this everyday; either way of the commute and before bed. I WILL make a dent in Night Circus this month. No excuses.
  2. Work related–Finish a few trainings that are hanging over my head during downtime.
  3. Have 14 “No Spend” days. I’m saving for a trip to Europe and I have such a habit of going to the grocery store 3x a week. 1 trip a week is all I need if I prep better on the weekends. This past week I was exceedingly good at eating through my pantry, and as a result I have very little surplus.
  4. Practice yoga 7 times in February and continue lifting 3x a week
    [even if it’s just from this website and not an in person class. Some yoga is better than none!]
  5. Go to bed (lights off) by 10:15
  6. Brush teeth at 9:00pm…I just keep putting it off..and then snacking. It’s a bad cycle.

Okay, February…BRING IT!

These types of videos are trending right now..Is this not the craziest thing you’ve seen? She used her music video to show awareness of the retouching that goes in the media.


Do you have any February Goals?


Sunshine?! In Oregon?

Happy 5th of July! *cough* 6th
Yesterday was the celebration of my Dad’s birthday (and also the nation’s independence). You’ll notice which occasion is deeed more important in our household. The day was filled with wonderful things including, yoga, sunning, “hiking”, “swimming”, and great friends and food. We presented my dad with cards and gifts in the morning and then my friends and I began our pilgrimage to Starbucks. This was the “hiking” portion of the day, the hike is somewhere between 3 and 4 miles to the soul Starbucks in town. Our original intent was to graba free tall coffee, but when we finally arrived 90 minutes later hot coffee as out of the question. We all went the route of an iced mocha. It was the first sunny day all summer, sorry, but, the Northwest has been deprived of all the heat that everyone else in the states seems to be getting. Anyone care to share? We can do a week to week exchange, similar to a timeshare? Perfect. We’ll stay in contact.

After the “hike” we drove out of town to a friend’s and got our Patriotic celebration on, burgers, sun, and swimming okay, a dip in the pool and then more sunning (we need our Vitamin D)!
Fun fact! Did you know that as of 2005 40% of Americans were vitamin D deficient? And, even using an SPF as low as SPF8 blocks 95% of a person’s ability to create vitamin D. It’s impossible to get the minimum level of D that we need in our diet and in order to reach even the minimum level it would take 10 glasses of fortified milk. Personally, I doubt I drink that much milk in a week…that much in a day is incredible!
I hope you aren’t taking your sun for granted anymore…share the love. Share the D!

View from the pool

The evening was full of family friends and catching up over dinner. A delicious pork tenderloin over a bed of caramelized sweet onions, with snow peas, and a stuffed potato held the spotlight as our main course. Dessert consisted of a light angel food cake, vanilla bean ice cream, and fresh local berries on top. Simple and delicious.

I’ll do a quick combination of the day three and four of the challenge. The topics are *drum roll* What was the last movie you saw in theaters and If you could rid the world of one thing what would it be, and post a picture of someone or something that made your day special.

The last movie I saw in theaters was…Snow White and the Huntsmen! For free…the only way to go to the theatre, I’m in love with coupons. We were two of 6 in the theater, but it was a Monday night at 10:30pm, I suppose that size crowd is expected. Nevertheless, it was a quick paced film and captivated our attention for the length of the film. Please, rent the movie when it hits redbox/netflix/local video store.

If I could ride the world of one thing…I would choose hate.
Hate is something that exists because of uncertainty or a lack of understanding for another individual’s choice or action. I believe having a difference of opinion is necessary and makes life interesting, but people don’t listen to others. Listening can be for understanding and not necessarily agreement. Hate is strong word and I feel applies to very  few situations. The term should not be thrown about as freely as it is currently, the world would be better off we extended our vocabulary and found better adjectives.

Getting our tan on!

The final topic…will have to wait until another day because I didn’t take a single picture today!

Challenge Day 2

Peanut Butter and Jenny

If you could give any piece of advice to a newborn child, what would it be?

I would advise this child to always take risks. Taking a risk can be small or large. Are you a student? Raise you hand first and answer a question that you aren’t sure is the correct answer. A first time investor? Buy that stock. It might be the next Google Inc. or Apple. Yes, there will be times that you may lose a lot, but the regret of not knowing what could have been is worse than taking a risk and failing.  Taking a chance and being bold enough to consistently take a chance is a behavior that should be acted on frequently, especially while young, we have less to lose.

IF you know the phrase YOLO, this almost seems an appropriate phrase to use that slang. If you don’t know what YOLO is…let these fratty guys explain to you Drake’s motto “you only live once”

As for the Eat Clean Sweaty Dirty challenge, I’ve been doing great. Today started off with a superb yogurt/oat mess with plump bloobs and a juicy peach, homemade iced mocha on the side to sip while studying. The afternoon consisted of simple snacks in between various appointments and the day ended with a great homemade meal while catching up with a friend. Grilled chicken. sliced potatoes dressed with olive oil, truffle salt and garlic, with salad and broccoli on the side. We ended our evening baking banana/bloob/coconut muffins. A clean day of eats all around!

So, every day…everyday…everyday. Take a risk.

[Double chocolate-mint chip-raisin-peanut-steel cut oats-cookies] Vegan!

Now say it five times fast.

Uh-huh, more difficult than you thought, right? These cookies are unintentionally vegan and oh, so, decadent. Raise your hand if you enjoy, chocolate, mint, or peanut butter. You like all three? Even better. (Moment of truth: I prefer to eat my mint and dark chocolate chips naked, by the handful.) The recipe yields approximately 24 cookies dropping a tablespoon sized ball on the baking sheet.

Double chocolatey goodness.

Your New Favorite Cookie:

1/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup peanut flour
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt (I forgot this, but I’m sure it would make the flavors pop)
3/4 stick of butter
1/4 cup white sugar
1/4 brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons steel-cut oats
mint and dark chocolate chips
golden raisins
2-3 tablespoons almond milk (as needed)


*Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
1. Sift together flours, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt.
2. In microwave melt butter almost completely.
3. In separate bowl combine sugars, butter, vanilla, and oats.
4.  Combine flours and sugar. Add in desired amounts of chocolate, raisins, and other goodies.
5. If dough is too dry add almond milk as needed.
6. Bake for 9-10 minutes for a doughier cookie OR 14 minutes for an average cookie like crunch.
7. Let rest and enjoy!

These may be a new favorite, but I may become a chocolate purist next time and only use dark chocolate chips to compliment the peanut flavor. Mint and chocolate are as peanut butter and chocolate, together they create a raucous marriage; it melds but could use some work. Either way there is something about it that makes you keep coming back for more; at cookie number six I bagged them and put them out of sight.

Enjoy your cookies with a cup of hot peppermint tea for the ultimate mint experience or dunk them in a mug of vanilla almond milk. Mmm, go ahead, pull out your baking sheet. I dare you.

What’s your favorite type of cookie?
How do you use peanut flour?

Egg Noggin’ Tea and Hard Cider

4 hours, 1 wrong exit, 1 squash and I finally pulled in to my driveway on Friday afternoon. I believe it may be ironic that I got lost in Portland area, the most familiar large city I was raised near…

Five minutes after parking I proceeded to dump my belongings on the staircase and plopped on the couch in front of the fireplace. The blazing fire lit the room with warm orange and red hues from its flame and I wanted nothing more than to sit *cough* lay on the couch. Who knew driving could be so draining?! Especially driving alone…much to0 solitary for my taste.

In the 48 hours I’ve been home it took my mom and I less than 24 hours to eat at The Sage, our favorite lunch spot, and wander around the local business for quick and easy holiday shopping. We found local tea mixes that have options for the green tea drinker, black, or even Oh my, Chai! (This was my personal favorite, chai is difficult to get wrong!) We then hit up WinCo, (whaddup!) and I discovered Eggnogg’n tea by Bigelow and Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride from Celestial. Oh. My. Goodness. Sugar Cookie SleighRide made my Christmas wish come true! This herbal tea is delightfully sweet and I find it to be the perfect addition to breakfast or for after dinner. I had 4 mugs yesterday, 4 large mugs. (If you need caffeine in the morning I suggest adding a bag of green tea for a boost.) The Eggnoggn’ is also a great seasonal tea but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it again.

In addition to my vegging I’ve found time to bake and craft, what more can you ask of a Christmas Break? I hope your answer is “nothing!”-if per chance your opinion differs,  that was a rhetorical question.

My friend and I (who recently joined me in the ranks of legal drinking) made a Safeway run and bought Hard Apple Cider to drink while we crafted and listened to Christmas tunes. If you’ve hesitated to buy the Hard Cider, wait no longer and take the plunge! At $7 (give or take) the cider is worth a try. We both love this adult beverage. Sweet, Crisp, and Bubbly, all of my favorite things! While we sipped we worked on 3-d snowflakes–these.

This isn't mine, but you get the idea--imagine Christmas wrapping paper pattern.

Saying we have an abundance of sweets in our house would be an understatement. We have (well, had–we got snacky hungry.) cookies up the wazoo! What’s a girl to do in this predicament?! Bake more!! My shipment of peanut flour recently arrived and I’ve been dying to use it in cookies. Add in the fact my foodie pen pal box arrived from The Lean Green Bean with mint & dark chocolate chips there was no question I would be baking.

I created a double chocolate-mint chip-raisin-peanut-steel cut oats-cookies. (What a mouthful!)

Tune in next time for the recipe and a look at what the lovely foodie box contained!

What have you been doing this holiday season?

Are you a baker or do you just welcome the baked goods?

Mooching- College Style

Now, I’m not sure if this has been mentioned previously, but I am without a meal plan this year, a rarity on our campus. At this point in time I also have to wait until Saturday to make time for grocery shopping. We have little variety in our fridge, one can only consume so many greek yogurt/ Bees Knees quesadillas.(These things are not pretty and I am saving your eyes from a picture.)

These are pictures from today and a mish-mash throughout the week.

What’s a student to do??!!

Mooch off of the department BBQs, of course!

Econ BBQ. Is this legit or what?

All of the departments on campus hold a BBQ during a two week time frame, anyone in the department or those interested in the major are welcome to attend. Anyone looking for free food is also welcomed wholeheartedly by the professors. Yesterday, I attended my communication studies BBQ. I had a delicious veggie burger, soda, and cookie! I also attended a lecture in the library and managed to knab a cookie from the refreshment table before other students devoured the goodies. Two points! I only bought/made one meal yesterday. #WIN

Essay fuel. Blueberry fritter and Mango iced tea.

Today, the economics department hosted their BBQ and volleyball match. I tagged along with my friend and loaded up my plate once more with a veggie burger and the fixings. We then watched as the students took on the econ professors, it was more than slightly entertaining. Who knew that the old(er) men were so athletically gifted at volleyball?! Despite their talents, the students still won 2 of the 3 games.

Dining hall panini! Provolone, pesto, chicken, on ciabata bread. Nom.

As I head home to change and hit the gym for a short run I passed by an event drawing to a close, it focused on food of different religions. #Suchluck! I got the last couple bites of a meatless bulgar meatball (Happy tastebuds! I wish I knew what it was made of…) and then finally proceeded to make it home.

My post dinner-dinner. Plus a piece of carrot cake, courtesy de padres, a chocolate square and some Fiber One.

The soup is from V8, it’s the Butternut Squash variety. Oh.My.God. Why did I wait 3 weeks to open this?? This is my new favorite soup, it’s full of the fall spirit! If only it came in quantities larger than two servings per box…#foodielove

Tomorrow I work 8-11:30, it won’t be as exciting as last week, they ordered in lunch in honor of my Birthday! This was the spread!

Office Love.
Spring roll, Garlic Veggies and Chicken, Crab wonton, and peanut sauce. Rice on the side.

My Feel Good Friday:

I’m finally back in the groove of school. I more or less have a routine and that is highly important to my functioning. The following picture is from drinks out last weekend with a friend. She is hardcore and ordered a whiskey drink and I asked for something sweet. He presented us with these! The shots followed later and were a present in honor of my recent birthday. Best shots ever, probably because I could taste pineapple. Mmm…

My fruit roll-up and friend's drink, the name escapes me. With courtesy shots from the bartender, in honor of my birthday. I believe they are called Sexy Alligator.

Happy Friday! Enjoy your week and keep holding on to summer! I’m sure we have a few more days left of sunshine. The weather here has been strangely humid…

WIAW- Wordless Ed.

School is as busy as ever, I know that most of you are in the same boat. I am attempting to update at least twice a week, but you’ve seen how that’s been going.

Here is a mix of pictures from Ke$ha, my 21st Birthday, and some eats!

Double caffeine! Green tea, Latte, and my friend's lab goggles. It was a study day!
Pasta, pureed cauliflower, spinach and cayenne pepper!
Studying in S-bucks for one long afternoon. Caramel Macchiato for the win!
Pre-Ke$ha's entrance!
Balloons falling mid-show. Uh-mazing!
More of the group. We were all glittery!
Birthday Quesadilla! Caramelized onions, mushrooms, and mexi cheese blend!
Birthday love!
Very first drink!
Most of the birthday group!
Birthday twins! We share the same b-day! Malibu and Pineapple juice for me!

Have a Happy Hump Day!

And remember, somewhere in the world, it’s already Happy Hour!

Friday Eats

Now that I have been back in school almost a full week I have started to figure out quick meals and snacks. I tend to graze because all of my classes are at least  an hour and a half, the other class is three hours. We have two breaks during the class and everyone runs to our dining hall for food during the second break. 3:30-6:30 pm, this class tests your endurance. That time of day is my normal siesta time, so caffeine is essential to maintain concentration. The first week I tried coffee to sustain me during the class and it was successful and this week I tested a Diet Coke. The coffee was a clear winner between the two stimulants.

It's decaf, but still highly effective!


The Soft Baked Cinnamon Roll Life Bars have also been a recent lifesaver for my three hour blocks of class.

I have recently become a fan of deli turkey roll-ups with mustard, pickle, and sometimes Laughing Cow Cheese in the center for quick on the go snacks. I’ve been pairing this with carrots and hummus.

Tortillas with a layer of PB &CO Bees Knees and banana slightly warmed to meld the flavors is also a delicious (and quiet snack) I’ve taken to class, very comforting and satisfying.

Finally, the trusty ol’ banana and PB is an energizing and delicious combination. You can even add some almond milk to the PB and whip it to make a paste and stretch the use of your favorite PB.

Whipped Bee's Knees PB w/ Almond Milk and a Banana for dipping. Yum!


I’ve been relying on bagged salads, quick steam able veggies, and tofu for dinner. Occasionally I’ve thawed out some pre-grilled chicken from home, but our freezer is so full it is more of  struggle to search for the chicken than chop up the tofu.

Peanut Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Mustard, and Hummus have been frequent players in my condiment line-up. All of those can provide intense flavor with very little addition.

Teriyaki Tofu salad with shrooms, cherry tomatos and carrots.

Yams have also been easy to heat up and eat for quick energy and pairing it with a morning star patty makes for a complete meal.

Mixed Veggies, Tofu, Peanut Sauce, and Tortilla.

Also, I realize it is Feel-Good Friday! My Feel-Good Moments from the week include:

  • Finding my lost ID card and being able to eat campus food again!
  • Early morning walk to Old Town with a friend, it led to an energizing day.
  • Eating lunches and dinners outside with friends and still catching up on our summer activities.

This isn’t usually part of FFG, but things I’m looking forward to!

  • Seeing Ke$ha with my friends tomorrow! Should be a crazy concert!
  • Shopping for fruit and veggies at the Farmer’s Market tomorrow.
  • The final 4 days until my 21st Birthday and I will finally get to open the present sitting on my floor!

  • 4 more days of suspense!

    What are your go-to 10 minute dinners?
    How did you celebrate your recent birthday?

Life. Is. Good.

This school year is already off to a phenomenal start and this is based solely off three specific reasons.

Reason Numero Uno: The gift card I received as thank you for volunteering at an elementary school reading program last year covered the costs for not one, but two books. The first book being *drum roll* Peas and Thank You. I have been ogling this book on the internet ever since the release, I knew not to purchase it before school started because I’d be able to put my gift card to good use. The first recipe I flagged to cook is the Green and Red Lentil Enchilada, it is only 25 minutes of prep and 25 minutes to cook. This is the perfect amount of time to watch a TV show for a study break (Current TV show obsession is Drop Dead Diva, don’t diss it until you watch it!) and it results in 8 enchiladas, hello leftovers! I plan on freezing the delicious monsters for quick weeknight dinners. The other book I purchased with the gift card was not nearly as exciting. It’s a text for an English credit, I am enrolled in Autobiography/Biography and picked up the book Full Moon at Noontide(I secretly love to read autobiographies and this will likely be my favorite class this semester. (Shh, I know, it’s nerdy, don’t tell!)

Reason Numero Dos:  Today was my last official chance to sleep in and I was finally able to sleep in until the late hour of 9:30 AM, It’s almost like I’m a college student that slept away half the day, oh wait…I am. I should really work on sleeping past nine for the coming weekends.

Banana Blueberry Fro-yo with strawberries and TJ's PB nuggets.

Reason Numero Tres: My first grocery shopping trip to stock the fridge was filled with usual items, but I added two new products to the mix. All over the blogosphere healthy living bloggers rave about the Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter filled Pretzel Nuggets; thee nuggets have been referred to as “crack,” so it became necessary I try them at least once. Mmmm, you bloggers weren’t kidding. These little nuggets are, indeed, delicious. I even smuggled a couple in to the mall to throw on top of my fro-yo today, and it was a blissfully wise decision. My other new purchase was a jar of The Bee’s Knees from PB&CO PB.The only other PB flavor I’ve sampled from them is Dark Chocolate Dreams (I am down to my last tablespoon!) and this flavor was also very good. I will continue to be partial to the Dark Chocolate variety because it is so flavorful, and I love chocolate, but the Bee’s Knees was not a let down. I smothered my english muffin with the creamy spread and a dollop of raspberry jam for a sweet and satisfying evening meal.

The no salt added variety, it is still delicious as the normal variety, but not nearly as addicting!
I think you need a closer look, much better.

The other peanut butter that stole my heart.

Pairing it with my raspberry jelly is a highly encouraged and splendid decision.

After chatting with friends all afternoon and continuing to organize my room I am ready for a quiet evening before my 7:00 am alarm. I think I’ll sit down and crack open Full Moon at Noontide, I am that nerdy. It’s technically a novel and not a textbook so I’m not really starting homework before it’s due.

What’s your nerdy habit?