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The past two posts I have written have magically disappeared in the black hole that is cyberspace, I guess it was a sign it was not meant to be posted.  Today, I am killing time as my friend takes a calculus exam. Yesterday, we spent the day roaming around Golden Gate Park and exploring the California Museum of Sciences. The science museum caters to all ages and is not your typical museum that is exciting for kids, but adults are bored. The museum is full of interactive elements, the most exciting exhibit for ourselves was the four story indoor rainforest. The rainforest is contained with in a spherical dome with a temperature of 82-85 degrees and 75% humidity. Believe me when you walk into the dome you feel the change in climate. Shorts and a lightweight shirt are the way to go when visiting. Over 1,600 live animals live in this dome, the most obvious of these creatures are the free flying birds and butterflies. We wandered through Costa Rica, Madagascar, Boreno, and the Amazon. The frogs were my favorite and would have taken pictures of the little guys for hours.

We also wandered over to the Japanese Tea Garden and enjoyed authentic  afternoon tea and cakes.

Tea and Cake at the Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park

Before we headed to dinner we spent time taking pictures by the fountain outside the museum. The same fountain featured in The Wedding Planner (of course we streamed the film from Netflix that night) and sat  by a statue watching families and tourists walk/run and cycle through the park. Dinner was at a Ramen house that can be easily missed if you blink. The only thing that distinguishes the establishment from other store fronts is a lit lantern by the door; the restaurant has a sign the size of 5×7 index card, but the lantern is the real distinguishing element.

Greeted by the amicable staff  as we entered, took seats at the bar and ordered the one of two options. Pork or Vegetarian Ramen. Famished, we awaited  our bowls of veggie ramen and were not disappointed when it arrived.

Large and in charge. We dove into the bowls.

Ken-Ken Ramen. Bursting with flavor vegetarian ramen; Soft egg and Squash to garnish.

A slightly sweet not too salty bowl of noodles. Seaweed, sprouts and bok choy are also hiding within the broth; a perfect way to cap the day.

Today holds more exciting adventures in the city.

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